QLD born - Country Pop artist, Melissa Lukin, may be a world traveller, but she’s found her home firmly in country music.
Having worked in Pop, Cabaret and Musical theatre over many years, but always listening to Country
music in her own time, it was the television show, Nashville, that led her back to the style of music in
which Lukin knew she always belonged.
Lukin has been in the music industry since the age of 16, where she featured in a girl group called 'Shye', who were signed to a label in Queensland. She then went out a few years later on her own and recorded with renowned producer Stuart Stuart for her first solo debut EP, this is where it began for her, and the country flavour came out for the first time.
Singing and songwriting are only a part of her talents, with Lukin also an accomplished dancer and actor, having worked at Universal Studios in Japan, with international cruise lines as a lead vocalist, and in supporting acting roles on US feature films.
This led to the Australian artist meeting US musicians and embarking on her writing journey again before returning to Australia and performing in an ABBA tribute band, various cover bands, while travelling across the nation, and working as a corporate entertainer.
Love came calling and Lukin met her Film and TV stunt co-ordinator husband before she settled down to raise a family.
In 2020, Lukin returned to her original music, with the release of the tropics inspired tune ‘On The Water’ in May, and her upcoming release ‘Caught Up In A Dream’ to be released on February 12th, 2021. 

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